Aviri Mask Support Frames
Aviri Mask Support Frames
Aviri Mask Support Frames
Aviri Mask Support Frames
Aviri Mask Support Frames
Aviri Mask Support Frames
Aviri Mask Support Frames
Aviri Mask Support Frames

Aviri Mask Support Frames

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Get All-Day Breathing Comfort While Wearing A Mask with Aviri Support Frames

 Customer Speak

Almost everything you need to know about Aviri Support Frames


How does it Work?

Aviri Support Frames frame Holds up the Mask Fabric away from your Mouth & Nose for better Airflow inside your Mask.

Breathe Easy

You can Breathe & Talk Comfortably for Long Hours 

Skin Safe

Made of 100% Anti-Allergic food-grade PE Silicone that is Safe for your Skin


Soft & Ultra Light-Weight ensuring No Marks even after hours of use


Washable & Reusable Made with durable Silicone material


Why use Aviri Support Frames

Breathe Easy & Talk Clearly:  the extra space lets you breathe comfortably for long hours & talk clearly with out any muffling. 

Reduces Foggy Glasses: With more space around your mouth, reduces the amount of air pushed up towards your glasses, thereby reducing fogging.

Workout in Comfort: Better Airflow around your mouth & nose keeps you cool & reduces sweating in your mask while you work out.

Saves your Makeup: As an added benefit, Aviri Support Frames prevents your Lipstick/Lipgloss from smudging while you wear a mask.

Made for Adults & Children: Aviri Support Frames is suitable for adults & children (7 years and above). 


Feels natural and comfortable to wear & can be adjusted to perfectly fit any face shape 


Made from ultra light weight & soft silicone material, you will forget you even have it on 


Breathe & Talk
in comfort for Long hours 

Workout Better
Reduces sweating

Save your Makeup
from smudging

Reduces Foggy Glasses
See better


Soft and Comfortable: Made of flexible food-grade silicone that is soft to touch, anti-allergic, and comfortable on your skin.  

Ultra-Light Weight: Weighing just 10grams you can wear Aviri Support Frames in comfort for longer hours without leaving any marks on your skin.

Washable & Reusable: Aviri Support Frames are Machine Washable, and Reusable.

Washable & Reusable
Aviri Support Frames is Machine Washable & Reusable

 Soft & Light-Weight
100% Food Grade Anti-allergic PE Silicone

How to Use

1. Place the  Frame
Inside your Mask
2. Put the Mask on
3. Adjust the Frame
for Comfort
4. Make sure there are
No Gaps


Note: Make sure you wear a Mask Large enough to cover your Nose & Mouth 'WITHOUT ANY GAPS' while using the Aviri Support Frames


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Aviri Support Frames frame stay in place, does it not slide around, how do I fix it to my mask?

Most of our customers prefer to simply “friction fit” the frame between their face & the mask. Alternatively there are two little clips on the Aviri Support Frames frame simply clip them into the fold inside your mask (or) use double-sided tape to stick them to your mask. 

Will it fog up my glasses?

About 70-80% of our customers have reported reduction in fogging of their glasses. The extra gap created by Aviri Support Frames prevents air from moving upwards towards your glasses thereby reducing fogging. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Apple Pay, Shop Pay and all major credit cards, such as VISA, MasterCard & American Express.

*For Apple Pay please use Safari Browser to visit our website (ezmask.me)

Will these fit my face mask?

Yes, Aviri Support Frames is a universal product. It will fit under virtually any face mask.

Works with all types of masks